Just Venting, as the Ladies say.

After being booted off of another so-called Group of Professional Investigators on the internet for asking questions such as “why can’t this site be used more for Investigators to offer and request assistance outside of their home area instead of posting links to useless news articles”.

I’m finding that the internet is basically a waste of time and a great place to goof off.  Having said that, I have work to do. When I have some down time I’ve got an idea for my next entry.  A few years ago our client asked us to “locate 5 things”. What made it a challenge was that there were only 5 of these things ever made. Yup, we found and secured all 5

Nothing Can’t Be Found

My clients request was very simple, “locate a vehicle that was involved in a fatal accident and is now the subject of litigation”. This is one of the easiest and most repeated tasks our agency receives. This case presented a few unique obstacles, the accident happened 5 years ago, the vehicle was not preserved by one of the parties but instead sold at a salvage auction 3 years ago. Still not a problem.

Over the next 3 months I was able to track the vehicle through 5 different States and to 4 different parties who had purchased, sold parts of it and then resold it. After locating the remains we secured the vehicle and then retraced the parts that were sold by the salvage yards, everything from a Dashboard, Engine and Transmission, Drive Axles, Quarter Panels, Steering Colum and the Air Bags and Air Bag Modules.

The tricky and fun part was when I would locate the party who purchased parts from the subject vehicle I needed to convince them to let me have them back. This involved taking their vehicle to a local dealership “have the left front suspension removed and replaced with a new Factory suspension”, “remove air bags and air bag modules” and replace them with units supplied by the client.

I was able to locate 95% of the vehicle and deliver it in the back of a U-Haul to my client. I’ll add here that my client was successful in defending the litigation because we had located and secured parts that were critical to disprove claims of defective parts.

 Nothing Can’t Be Found

Weekend Job

When not Investigating Products Liability, Med Mal or Insurance Cases I like to be involved in Sports Car and Formula Car Racing.

Website at: www.betterracer.com

Welcome To My World

I have been repeatedly advised to join the 21st century, so here we go.

I hope to post real world information about current and past unique investigations.  I will say that a Great Investigator still wears out more shoe leather than key boards.